Your Fried Food Update: Pop Some Lipitor Before Reading


“The Fried Chicken of Your Dreams” at Firefly.

Ready to get your hands greasy? Grab those napkins, because this Thursday August 4th is ~MAVERICK~’s Southern Fried Night, serving chicken wings and waffles, watermelon salad, fried green tomatoes, chicken fried steak, shrimp and grits, and more.

And fans of ~FIREFLY~’s “The Fried Chicken of Your Dreams” will be happy to know the restaurant has designated Tuesday night as Fried Chicken Tuesdays, so you’ll never have to call ahead and ask: “Are you serving the fried chicken of my dreams tonight?” And yay, biscuit, yay, mashed potatoes and gravy. Available until it runs out. Speaking of running, see you on the treadmill!