Yup, Yet Another Cool Project Coming to the Mission

According to former Poleng Lounge owner Desi Danganan’s blog, he is going to be opening ~THE SUMMIT~ in the former New College building in the Mission, rather primo real estate. The plans online reveal an art bar/café concept, with an eclectic look. I’ll have to wait and see what Desi says about the whole thing once I hear back, but so far Brent-ski (looks like a nickname to me) of Kambayashi Design will be designing the furnishings—he consulted on the design of Poleng, as well as SOM. and Namu. According to his blog post, Danganan said the project was originally going to be Casa Poleng, the second Poleng “with a twist.” And just like that, I am missing Tim Luym’s adobo chicken wings. Stand by for more… 777 Valencia St. at 19th St.