June 2007

June 26, 2007

Hey, thanks to everyone for sending NYC tips my way—I officially need to clone myself and get a cow’s stomach (i.e. four) to make this all happen. Oh, and a sugar daddy wouldn’t hurt. Anyway. I can’t wait—leaving Wednesday! So just to manage expectations, I won’t be returning emails very quickly over the next week, and hey, don’t expect a honkin’ tablehopper from me next Tuesday, if I even get one out at all—I have too much fun to attend to! Naturalmente I will be doing up a tablehopper “jetsetter” NYC recap soon after my return.

So I wanted to mention a fun new partnership I think you’ll dig: my pal Pete Mulvihill, the owner of Green Apple Books, is going to be submitting monthly cookbook reviews for the bookworm since I’m not regularly keeping up with my reading (and subsequent write-ups) these days. As an added bonus, any books he mentions are available at 20% off for tablehopper readers for two weeks following the review—simply use the code “tablehopper” at checkout (either at the store or online) for your discount. And hey, it’s a great way to support your local bookseller, especially such a fab one.

In honor of the new partnership, Pete is letting me give away a $50 Green Apple Books gift certificate to one lucky reader! You know the drill: please forward this newsletter to (at least) three pals and just cc luckyme [at] tablehopper [dot] com so I know you sent it to three folks. The deadline to enter is midnight on Sunday, July 1—I will notify you if you are the winner on Monday, July 2. Buena suerte!

Last week’s highlights? Let’s start with the spiffy drinks at Cantina after the StarChefs event (I was at one with “el poeta”). At the Taste of the Nation/Share Our Strength event at ACME Chophouse, I enjoyed meeting April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman of The Spotted Pig (yes, I am totally going to check it out in NYC!) and guess who totally knocked her chair over backwards upon rising to meet Tyler Florence?! (I’m blaming it on my heavy purse—I was barely tipsy.) The Tortoise show at the Independent was spectacular, and Pride weekend, what can I say, I was having so much fun I had to go and break my phone! So if you texted me this weekend to no avail, sorry! I am now all systems go.

And literally, I gotta go!

June 19, 2007

Hola amigos. I’m here to report from the culinary beyond! Yes, I’ve been plummeting the depths. Last week was full of scrumptious discoveries, from the crostini topped with a creamy swath of pureed monkfish liver with saffron and other spices at Oliveto’s Oceanic Dinners (you MUST go next year if you love seafood—it was one of the nicest meals I’ve had all year), to the dee-vine Deutz 2000 Blanc de Blanc at Jerry Horn’s Champagne Feast at Scott Howard (next feast will be at Picco in Larkspur, stand by), and if you haven’t had a chance to visit the back garden at Blue Plate lately, you really should. A lot has grown in since I last saw it—it’s downright lush back there, and with the heat lamps it’s quite nice, even on a chilly night.

Last night was the opening of Ducca (pretty darned spiffy—I loved the Venetian bordello-esque rotunda adjacent to the bar). Tonight I’m heading to the StarChefs gala event which seems like everyone is attending (so it should be a barrel of monkeys fun). Thursday is (ladies, it’s your chance to check out Tyler Florence—tickets are still available), and Saturday is Pink Saturday, one of my favorite party days in SF. Dolores Park explodes with the ladeez. Pray for sun.

This week we’ve got the last of the trio of wino pieces about corkage from Alex Fox at Myth—it’s a long one, so I say crack open at least a 375ml bottle of something swell to enjoy while reading it. Heck, why not a Jeroboam of bubbly?

And yay, next Wednesday I am heading to NYC for a week for some business, and a whole lotta pleasure. Feel free to point me to some of your fave dining and drinkin’ can’t-miss spots! My list is scary long, but then again, I wouldn’t be the tablehopper if it was short. Word.


June 12, 2007

I successfully survived last week’s onslaught of fabulous living—the highlight was the ridiculously fantastic LCD Soundsystem show at Mezzanine, which gave me faith in how many cool, fun people live in this city and still know how to rock it, hard. The Golden Glass event on Saturday featured some swell swill—followed it up with an impromptu dinner at the gleaming new Farina on 18th Street. Like, wow, what a gorgeous gorgeous space. Nothing like it in the City, that’s for sure. Our dinner had some highs (supple mandilli al pesto, the almond semifreddo) and lows (chewy octopus salad)—but it’s the first week, to be expected. People are lovin’ the BYOB/no corkage until the liquor license kicks in.

This week holds Hot Chip at the Fillmore tonight (my boogie sessions continue—I consider it exercise), and on Wednesday, a trip across the Bay gasp (!) to Oliveto for the Oceanic Dinners (they go through Saturday). Can you say octopus soppressata, tramezzini of sand dabs, and triglie? I am soooo there.

Okay, this is one of those moments when I have to share a good laugh with you at my expense: let’s call this particular episode “Lost in Translation.” Remember those strawberries I was raving about last week from my family’s farmer friend? Well, whaddya know, the city slicker misunderstood farmer Dominic’s thick Italian accent—while I thought the name “chandelier” was such a groovy name for those candy-sweet strawberries, ends up they are called Chandlers. Ha! Thanks Janet and Tana for keeping me on track.

So I thought I’d put this out there: tablehopper is getting ready for version 2.0, and I need to find a CMS (Content Management System) guru out there. If you know someone talented yet affordable, please send them my way and I’ll pass along my RFP. Thanks for helping with the quest!

Catch ya on the flip side,
~Marcia (rhymes with pizzeria)

June 5, 2007

I already know my life is quite charmed (and I hope to keep it that way), but this past weekend was definitely extra-special. My sis finally returned from Australia, just in time for my cousin’s fab Italian wedding on Saturday—we feasted on arancine (fried rice balls with cheese, ham, and peas) and other treats at the reception, like tender gnocchi (I also got to try some fava bean ravioli, mamma mia) at Mezzaluna, our family friends’ restaurant in Princeton By the Sea.

Sunday we visited our Calabrese friend Dominic Muzzi’s farm in San Gregorio—he’s the one who does that incredible corn maze each year. Dad, sis, and I hand picked some rapini (man, was my Monday night dinner of sausage and tender, garlicky greens sheer heaven) and also left with fresh peas, favas, and the most exquisite strawberries, called Chandeliers. (You can buy direct from Dominic at his farm: 950 La Honda Road, just east of the San Gregorio Store—follow the strawberry signs.) We then scooted north to Sam’s Chowder House for my first-ever clambake—the checkered table was overflowing with clams, mussels, Maine lobsters, andouille sausage, potato, and corn. Add some crusty bread and a glass of Txomin Etxaniz and we were set. (Ends up you can host your own clambake there as a private event—how’s that for a swell party idea?)

This week is shaping up to be pretty fab (going to try Essencia tonight, Wednesday is the Uncorked Events party, Thursday my friends are cooking a swell dinner, Friday I rock out to LCD Soundsystem, and Saturday is the Golden Glass—check it out in the socialite! On Sunday, the tablehopper needs to do some yoga. And chill out.

Hey, want to win a pair of tickets to the StarChefs Gala on June 19? You know the drill: to enter, first, you have to be a tablehopper subscriber, and second, you have to forward the tablehopper newsletter to at least five pals—just be sure to cc luckyme [at] tablehopper [dot] com on the email so I know you forwarded it to five folks. (Their emails will stay private—I just need to keep track of how many folks you forwarded it to.) The deadline to enter is by midnight, on Thursday, June 7. I will be randomly drawing the winner and will email you to let you know you’ve won on Friday, June 8.

Lastly, this week marks round two of the wino pieces on corkage. I am also launching the matchmaker, a section with classifieds ads for the restaurant and bar industry. If you’re interested in learning more about running a classified ad, you know where to find me—just reply to this email!

Hoppingly yours,
~Marcia (rhymes with Garcia)

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