August 2007

August 26, 2007

Hello friends. So as you may recall, I’m not even in SF right now, but out rocking it hard on the playa at Burning Man. Woot woot! Since Burning Man is inspiring a giving mood in me, here’s a little something I scheduled to be sent to you while I’m gone. (In case you’re wondering, I’m not back until Tuesday, September 4.)

Yay! Let’s do a giveaway! My pal Bibby over at Parties That Cook! has generously donated five decks of her Sumptuous Small Plates deck of recipe cards for me to give out to five lucky winners! The deck has 30 recipes that are perfecto for when you’re throwing a soiree, and make a groovy gift for the hosts/hostesses in your life. Here’s how to enter: just forward the tablehopper e-column to three friends, and be sure to cc luckyme [at] tablehopper [dot] com. (I won’t use the email addresses for anything but to verify that you forwarded it to three pals!) The deadline to enter is Monday, September 3, at 11:59pm, and you must be a tablehopper subscriber to enter. I’ll notify the five winners later that week! Have fun, and good luck!

A few of you have wondered how I manage to eat out something like six times a week (and drink almost as much), and not be totally be sporting a Jabba the Hutt physique. I have my bicycle (“Peach 1”) and all these San Francisco hills to thank, and that thing called “portion control” is helpful, although it sometimes completely slips my mind. (Oops.) Even so, the weight has been creeping on, and it’s time to get it under control and say sayonara, love handles! So when I return from Burning Man, I am starting a six-week fitness camp with Titan Fitness, and will be recording my (hopeful) progress in a new section called “the health nut” in each week’s ‘hopper. I hope you enjoy the tale of the tablehopper getting in shape!

If you want to know more about the program and maybe want to run stairs with me, it’s designed and instructed by Jeremy B. Manning, a US Army Veteran and Advanced Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Patrick Barresi, a professor at City College with a Masters in Public Health and a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Each session is one hour, meeting between two and four times a week at Kezar Stadium, depending on what level you enroll in. And yay, no 6am call times! How civilized.

The first session begins on Tuesday, September 4, at 6pm, and runs through October 13. If you are interested in checking it out, and possibly enrolling, email Jeremy (jeremy [at] sftitans [dot] com) for rates and more info. All are welcome, but they want to especially welcome the GLBTT community. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the token straight girl! (In this town, trust, I’m quite used to it.) Also, there is a discount/sliding scale for those who are HIV+, low income (hello poor freelancers!), disabled, or disadvantaged. Cool.

Okay, here are a couple more tidbits below… and thanks to Pete at Green Apple Books, we have a bookworm for you this week!

Dustily yours,

August 21, 2007

Okay, confession time. Guess who is leaving town yet again? Don’t hate me. Yes, yours truly is trucking off to Burning Man this weekend (like most San Franciscans age 28-40 over the coming week), and will be WAY off the grid until September 4. I might as well be voyaging to outer space, or just a very hot, dusty planet. It’s right around this time when I really start savoring my last days with my bed, my refrigerator, and my shower. Oh, and that San Francisco chill I like to gripe about.

Question: do any of you fellow burners, or friends of burners, know any folks/camps who put on some of the marvy culinary wonders out there? Anything from the fabled sushi guy to big spaghetti feeds to disco brunches (oh wait, that was me and my posse a couple years ago)... Or if there are folks from the SF restaurant and bar community who are doing any food-oriented camps out there, I’d love to know! (Yes, I plan to put something together about it all…) Grazie!

One favor to ask of friends and colleagues (and readers!): since I’ll be MIA until early September, pllllllleeeeease take it easy on emailing me anything that needs a reply! Silence is golden, really. There’s nothing quite like returning home to 1,300 messages (that was post-Australia, yikes). Don’t make me cry. Please and thanks.

You’ll still get some mail from me (oh, the wonders of scheduling mailings in advance) but just consider the two upcoming columns as “tablehopper lite.”

In dust veritas,

~Marcia AKA Peach (one of my “playa names,” now you know

August 14, 2007

Okay, not to rub it in for you folks who couldn’t make it to the first tablehopper supper, but boy, that was one heck of an enjoyable evening at Cortez. What an enthusiastic and savvy group of diners! We feasted. We talked. We made new friends. It was a total gourmand salon. In fact, folks started passing around a list of their two favorite local restaurants (oh, how to choose?). If you want to see what made the list, check it out here. One of the guests is also a Yelper, you can read his impression of the supper here. I will definitely be hosting another in the near future—watch for more details soon!

I wanted to wish you fellow paisani a “Buon Ferragosto” this Wednesday! It’s almost like national picnic day in Italy, with everyone heading to the hills or the beach to eat and drink with family and friends. My kind of holiday.

Ciao for now (and of course, meow),


August 7, 2007

OK, can someone PLEASE make this fog go away? I’m getting cranky. Seriously. However, I had such a fine time this weekend with my Half Moon Bay mini-getaway (yes, in the fog) that I was inspired to get my jetsetter piece all written up for you, stat. Especially while berry season is in full swing, because you need to experience a slice of olallieberry pie at Duarte’s while you can. Mmmm, pie!

Tonight is the tablehopper supper, and I am looking forward to meeting you, mystery guests! We shall wine and dine!

Ta ta,

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