September 2010

September 28, 2010

A round of the Gentleman #2 cocktail at Laszlo.

Ooooooh, boy! Indian summer finally showed the hell up. The hot nights remind me of living in LA—am loving riding my bike in the evening, and am all about making caffè shakerato in the afternoon (espresso and milk shaken over ice in a cocktail shaker). Looking for a place to dine outside today or tonight? Just flip to page 131 in my book for ideas!

Speaking of my book, I’ll be signing copies over Charbay cocktails this Thursday September 30th at Bardessono. Who’s coming? For $20, you get a copy of my book, a cocktail, and bites from chef Sean O’Toole, who is going to be preparing some gazpacho, aji amarillo chicken wings, a spot prawn cocktail with spicy tomato syrup and horseradish panna cotta, and jamón ibérico de bellota with Hill Family farm tomato. I know, that’s quite the flav-o-flav lineup. See you there—happy hour starts at 5pm!

I’m thirsty. Is it Thursday yet?

Marcia Gagliardi

September 24, 2010

Cheeses at the Marché Raspail in Paris.

Oh yeah, it’s Friday, and I feel like I’m as behind in my work as when I returned home from France on Monday. Hell, I still have dusty Burning Man gear I’m dealing with. At least that jet lag thing is under control.

Of course, OF COURSE, my promised Paris jetsetter write-up took much longer to assemble and write than I expected, let alone editing all my pictures down to a tidy photo album of 125 images. Oh, and I guess having your friend text you at 7pm and asking if you want to join him at Benu for dinner at 9:15pm that evening will cut into your writing time. (Yeah, that was last night—naturally I said yes.) Anyway, I kept my word to you. And… voilà! Paris pictures and places for you. (Champagne is next—a glass of the stuff, and a write-up.)

And since it’s the tail-end of SF Cocktail Week (you going to any of the weekend events? how about happy hour at EPIC this sure-to-be-gorg evening?), I thought this bookworm about a boozy book was high on the appropriate meter.

So, am I going to see any of you up at Bardessono next Thursday the 30th for happy hour with some Charbay cocktails, and yours truly? It’s going to be a swell evening—and I already have visions of sipping my drink(s) outside on their patio…

Have a stellar weekend (I think it will be hard not to), and I’ll catch ya on Tuesday!

Marcia Gagliardi

September 21, 2010

Dinner at Bruno Paillard’s home.

Hey, where’s my morning croissant and café noisette? My pre-noon glass of Champagne seems to have gone missing as well (I hope I don’t get the shakes), along with my daily allotment of cheese, charcuterie, gougères, and chocolate. Le sigh. Oui, France was amazing. I can’t wait to show you pics of my trip to Champagne (harvest was such a cool time to be there), and my few days in Paris literally took my breath away—what a city. I’m trying to get my Paris write-up done for this Friday’s issue, and Champagne will be soon thereafter since I know a lot of you are traveling there in coming weeks and want recos!

Today’s column is a shorty—my flight got in late yesterday, I am jetlagged all to hell, and I came home coughing like an old man (no, I wasn’t smoking—I came down with a nasty cold just as I started my time in Paris, dagnabbit). Je suis fatiguée. Look for more in the news department this Friday as I catch up on everything. In the meantime, have fun over the next few days at SF Cocktail Week (look for more events in today’s hopper!), and I’ll pop up later this week.

Au revoir!

Marcia Gagliardi

September 10, 2010

Yup, I’m back from Burning Man. (Barely.) How was it? To quote the old SNL skit, “I loved it, it was much better than Cats. I’m going to see it again and again.” It was my sixth year out there in the wild dusty yonder, and clocked in as one of my very favorites. My week started with a double rainbow as we were waiting to drive in (no joke), I hurt myself laughing with my friends daily, the art was so clever and fabulous, the music was bumpin’, the art cars were inspired, I ate some delicious meals (hello, my amazing campmates made the best duck confit I’ve ever had one night!), I always knew where to find a cold beer, and the people, oh the people. I always return from this event loving humanity even more than I already did—the kindness, talent, humor, creativity, playfulness, responsibility, spirituality, and warmth people show out there is so restorative—it holds me, and keeps me coming back. (So no, it’s not just a big druggy rave, although it can narrowly be that for a few.) And damn, it’s hard enough just to get out there—but many, many people work so unbelievably hard all year to put the event on, build their art, and then take it all down. It’s a staggering amount of effort for a week in the desert, but fortunately it endures much further beyond that.

And so here’s why my life never ceases to crack me up: I am not even home for 48 hours, and I find myself invited to have lunch on Wednesday at Chez Papa Resto with Salvatore Ferragamo’s grandson (ladies, trust me, you’re gonna want to click that link). I was like, huh wah? I’ve been hanging out with people dressed like extras in Mad Max and eating out of a cooler for a week, so let me tell you, it was an especially vivid moment to be enjoying a civilized lunch and taste Ferragamo’s delicious Il Borro and Castiglion del Bosco wines. And, of course, he was wearing one hell of a suit (yup, his eyes matched his tie). Meanwhile, I am certain I still had dust in my hair.

And this week’s bizarre arc continues: I board a plane to go to Champagne and Paris tomorrow! As my friend said to me, I’m traveling from the outer reaches of space to the Seine. Quite. I’ll be back in touch after September 21st (and home just in time for SF Cocktail Week, and the opening of Ragazza on September 22nd!). But in the meantime, you can follow my Frenchie traipsing about on Twitter! Can’t wait. And yes, I am pinching myself for many reasons (including the need to stay awake).

À bientôt!

Marcia Gagliardi

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