July 2017

July 18, 2017

Bless the friends who show up with two homemade pies with fruit from their land. And two tubs of vanilla ice cream. Photo: © tablehopper.com.

Howdy. How was your weekend? I had a long one up in Bolinas to celebrate a dear friend who is getting married soon, and I don’t know how we lucked out with the sunniest weather ever, but I’ll take it. We were a happy group, enjoying late brunches and cocktail hours in the garden, two full beach days (with whale and seal sightings!), hikes (complete with blackberry picking), impromptu performances, daily fresh-baked cookies and brownies, and our baked ziti (actually mostaccioli) with Sunday gravy was extra-baked. Heh.

It was hard to drive home yesterday—the glimmering water and warm sun were trying to entice me to play hooky. I seriously considered it. But I knew I had a preview of the upcoming Namu Stonepot I needed to cover, so I hope you enjoy today’s exclusive sneak peek.

This Friday is the (sold out!) tablehopper whisky rooftop party with The Douglas Room crew, I look forward to seeing some of you there!

Enjoy the sun.
Marcia Gagliardi

July 11, 2017

Beautiful squash and blossom frittata with carrot top pistou by Pesha Perlsweig for our elevated brunch with Pot d’Huile. Photo: © tablehopper.com.

Hey there! Hope you had a smashing, sunny weekend. Mine was definitely busy. I helped plan and cohost a 60-person brunch launch event on Sunday for Pot d’Huile, a new cannabis-infused olive oil. It was my first canna event, and a private one, but I hope to host more in the future, that was fun.

Our chef, Pesha Perlsweig (of theKitchenUnderground and Salvage Supperclub), made a carrot top pistou with the olive oil, which we got to drizzle over the tastiest frittata made with squash blossoms. Oh yeahhhh. Fortunately we had some Mr. Espresso nitro cold brew on tap (which I topped with terpene sugar) to keep us all perky, heh. Yes, it’s true, SF is so cool.

Speaking of events, the tablehopper rooftop whisky party with The Douglas Room on July 21st is all sold out, thanks gang! Can’t wait to see you there. Start hydrating now.

One last thing before we jump into the news: this post about horrific restaurant “plating” is too funny to not share, enjoy. It’s just one train wreck after another.


Marcia Gagliardi

July 4, 2017

The Corn Husker (whiskey, corn water, honey) is one way to get your heat on with Lord George’s latest Mavericks menu, Summer Road Trip! Photo: © tablehopper.com.

Wait, what? What’s that? You can’t hear me? Or wait, maybe I can’t hear you? Sometimes I wonder how the city is going to have any firecrackers and M80s left in time for the actual showtime on the Fourth of July. Anyway, carry on, pyros!

I hope you’re all enjoying your cookouts and barbecues and beach houses and block parties. Murica! I decided to take advantage of the grey weather and have a staycation and catch up with my damn self. I’ve been gone so much the past couple months that it felt good to do things like sleep in, read magazines, clean house, write, enjoy dinner at friends’ houses, have a drunk Sunday, and binge watch Big Little Lies. The city is DEAD. The weather is garbage after 3pm. I love it.

I could have taken this Tuesday off, but I was too excited to tell you about the upcoming rooftop whisky event I’m hosting on Friday July 21st—and I wanted tablehopper subscribers to get first crack at tickets before I start promoting the event elsewhere. Membership has its privileges, ha-ha.

This tablehopper party on Friday the 21st will be an evening soirée in the penthouse of the Tilden Hotel. You’ll get to try four whisky cocktails (featuring selections from Bruichladdich and Westland Distillery), shaken and stirred up by The Douglas Room crew (i.e. Mo Hodges and Brian Felley of Benjamin Cooper!), plus there’s a whisky tasting, and some crazy-delicious appetizers as well. (Just look at that duck confit grilled cheese sandwich. I know!) Tickets are a no-brainer at just $60! Get yours now, these will fly! Let’s partay.

I’m also including a jetsetter piece I’ve been working on for some time about Healdsburg, and some of my favorite places to visit there lately. (I couldn’t really write about Single Thread in just a couple paragraphs, that’s for damned sure.) I also included a few summertime events and other things happening that should entice you to head up there and escape the fog. Unless you need the fog to help you get things done. Like me.

Happy Fourth, folks! I’ll be back with SF restaurant news and more for you next week. Boom!
Marcia Gagliardi

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