May 2021

May 18, 2021

Taking a break from the moving boxes last weekend and enjoying the Electric Fields day party at District Six beer garden. Yay, DJs and music! Thanks to my pal Steven Lopez for the custom Shirt Shirt!

Hiya. How nice was that hit of much-needed sun and blue skies in SF today? Then again, all the grey and windy weather has made it easier for me to be inside and focus on this apartment renovation (and massive purging) project that has taken over my life the past three weeks. It felt great to take a couple weeks off of social media and so much constant output. I guess I’m doing that pandemic project everyone else got to do a year ago—I’ve just been too damn busy! Of course, it turned into a much bigger project than expected, so I needed an extra week off over here (I’m going to be cleaning sheetrock dust for days). But I’m thrilled with my studio’s new lilac walls (it really sets off Fortuna’s green eyes, LOL) and I’m currently on the hunt for a vintage bamboo desk and etagere and Hollywood Regency bedside tables and a glam headboard. I’m just putting this out there in case you have any leads or upcoming estate sales (or pieces gathering dust in your garage).

I’ve been unloading so much stuff, including selling a bunch of magazines on eBay, like my collection of Lucky Peach magazines (which has the hard-to-find first issue, no desire for those anymore!), and I came across a couple boxes of tablehopper t-shirts that feature fun vintage SF restaurant and bar designs, so if you want to show your SF pride and help a hopper out, get the last of them!

More SF love: I was so touched to be featured on the Storied SF podcast, which was quite the trip in the waaaaayback machine! (It synchronizes with this deep dive I’ve been doing with all my stuff, like 15 years worth of business cards and notebooks and CDs and club flyers—I’ll be sharing some pics on Instagram very soon!) I talk about memories of growing up in San Mateo, visiting SF during high school with my bestie Kathryn Faulkner for our Aragon High School newspaper column, “Doggie Bag” (more on this coming!), going to bars when I was underage (LOL), working at ad agencies, and a whole lot more. I have a bunch of stories/talk a lot, so there are two parts.

I was also thrilled to be included in this Elle piece by local writer Flora Tsapovsky about child-free women. (Although I must admit I am full-on cat mom now.)

There’s a LOT going on in the city right now—it’s so moving to see our beloved bars reopen, especially our old-timers, from Aunt Charlie’s to Specs (opening this Thursday May 20th at 4pm!). We’re also seeing changes, like Zuni moving to a tip-free model. So many folks have been vaccinated, so all the big hugs and reunion meals have been truly heartwarming to see, especially when there is so much that is heartbreaking in the world right now. Keep taking good care of yourself and others. I really look forward to seeing you soon.


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