This week's tablehopper: 20th century fox.


Hollandaise and ham and cheese soldiers at The Cavalier. Photo: ©

Howdy. Friday is here, and our city got a nice bath this week, and an air dry too (what was up with that wind last night?). I’m pretty dang tired, to be honest. Yes, I get tired.

Last night I got to throw a relaunch/welcome back party for my client (and friend!), who really didn’t want to call it a relaunch party, she said “I just want you to throw a fun party.” It doesn’t get better than that. Oh wait, it does, when Campari America sponsors your event and you get to have the Rye on the Road crew mixing up three insanely delicious (and fall-appropriate) cocktails, plus we had a fun make-your-own bitters station. Three kinds of bao from the new Pan Grill kept the guests upright.

And I need to make sure I always have an eggplant parm from Merigan waiting for me at the end of any future event. What was supposed to be my late lunch turned into the best 11pm dinner ever. Thanks to everyone who came (and a special thanks to my publisher Ten Speed Press for the generous donation of fall titles, which fueled our very successful fundraising raffle for La Cocina!). Hubba.

Tomorrow morning at 9:15am, I’ll be back on KRON4 with my tablehopper hot list, covering where to get some of the best local Dungeness crab dishes in the city. Tune in!

Today we have a preview of Penrose (opening tonight!), plus my review of 20th Century Cafe, and some good 707 news too.

For further reading, my weekly Tablehopping column for the Bay Guardian can be found here, and my weekly post for with five new restaurants to try this month is up—have fun out there!

Marcia Gagliardi

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