This week's tablehopper: 50 shades of yay.


Buckwheat gnocchi with black garlic and peas at Namu Gaji. Photo: ©

Did you have a nice holiday break? Well, good for you, because my ass was home writing this thing yesterday while you were out barbecuing and partying. See how I suffer for you? Ha-ha, nothing like a little guilt trip to start the week. I’m cracking myself up over here. Maybe it’s just cabin fever.

Well, I am doing one massive exhalation right now because after searching high and low, I have found my girl Friday (and Tuesday). That search process was rough, let me tell you. I mean, come on, how can you say no to someone who makes custom (and hilarious) artwork for their job application? Sadly, I couldn’t make an offer to the charming Eliza Kinkz, but hopefully I can recruit her to do some custom artwork for me in the future. Right? So adorable. Thank you to everyone who applied, it means a lot.

I know she is going to cringe right now, but I have to extend tremendous thanks and gratitude to Daisy Chow, my right-hand wonder woman/editorial assistant who has faithfully been with me since she started with tablehopper as an intern back in 2009. Daisy has been instrumental in helping me write and publish this weekly e-column, launch my first book, and assist me in managing more business details than you can even imagine. She treated my business like it was her own, and that’s not a quality you find every day. Daisy has (sadly) left tablehopper to take a full-time position with a start-up (lucky mofos), but will still continue to help out as we ramp up her replacement, the delightful Dana Massey-Todd, whose name you’ll be seeing pop up more in the column. Welcome aboard, Dana. And Daisy, I owe you an eternity of thanks for all your support and help. Meow.

So have you had a chance to pick up the June issue of 7x7? Yours truly has her first two pieces in there, check it out! I also posted my first weekly piece on about the latest alfresco dining spots to open around town—considering the nice forecast this week, it should come in handy.

Lastly, on today’s episode of You Gotta Eat This on KGO Radio, I give an early look at Comal in Berkeley, have a listen.

Okay, back to the salt mines. Enjoy the short week! And in case any of you eagle eyes are wondering why you’re receiving the column a bit early today, my newsletter service is doing a server update this afternoon (at 3pm, how convenient!), so I had to post early.

Marcia Gagliardi

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