This week's tablehopper: a rainy day installment.


Exterior of The Publican in Chicago.

Good afternoon, folks. I’m back with installment number two of this week’s issue, with another jetsetter recap from my travels since that was mostly what my May has been about. I had two nights in Chicago a couple weeks ago, so here are a few spots I managed to hit while I was there. I want to go back for two weeks and eat my way through that city—so many great places. (Bring the Lipitor.) But for now, just consider this a small (but meaty) charcuterie plate.

NO COMMENT on this rainy weather. Pfffft. But at least I started a pot of Steve Sando’s Caribbean black bean soup yesterday. Heaven in a bowl today. (Here’s a variation of his recipe online.)

Have a swell Memorial Day weekend—and hurrah, it’s lookin’ like a sunny one.

Marcia Gagliardi

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