Absinthe Team Taking Over Citizen Cake Space


Flickr photo from michicat.

This just in… Rumors have proven true, and the ink is dry on the lease: the ~ABSINTHE~ team will be taking over the now-vacant Citizen Cake space in Hayes Valley. Obviously details are slim at this point, but one thing that’s certain is the new restaurant will fall in the middle of the higher-end offering at Absinthe, and the casual Arlequin. A number of concepts and styles (and chefs!) are being discussed, but the team does envision a comfortable neighborhood restaurant, offering lunch, dinner, and brunch.

The bar program (to be overseen by Jeff Hollinger, Jonny Raglin, and Carlos Yturria) will be simpler than Absinthe’s but still creative—some culinary flair will be featured. Stand by for more on timing (depending on how the liquor license transfer goes, we could be looking at late summer), the concept, and the name.

As for the latest on Elizabeth Falkner’s ~CITIZEN CAKE~ location on Fillmore, that’s looking like a month out (can’t wait).