This week's tablehopper: all forked up.


And just like that, spring is all up in our business. 73 degrees on Saturday, I see you! Commence alfresco activity plotting, now. Longer days, yes! More bike rides, also in the cards.

How was your weekend? Did you go score some doughnuts? (Yes, I will take the blame for any cravings you suddenly have.) Mine had some fantastic food highlights, like these insane dumplings at Dumpling Kitchen; the weekend brunch-only Adjarian khachapuri (pictured) at Anda Piroshki at Second Act, a Georgian treat made with feta, mozzarella, and a fresh egg on top—it’s a street food treat Anda remembers eating when she was a teen, and it’s cheesy deliciousness all baked in a little canoe made of her piroshki dough; dinner at Oakland’s Hopscotch included their Yonsei oyster with ikura and uni, it’s so damn good; and Sunday was a brunch with Four Roses Bourbon at Zero Zero. Nothing like starting your Sunday comparing their single barrel with the small batch, hubba. And have you had the casareccia at Zero Zero? I need to figure out how to make prosciutto bread crumbs, stat.

All righty, let’s dive in here. We have plenty of restaurant updates for you (look for a lot of new openings in next week’s issue!), booze news, an upscale food and wine event in Carmel, and our own Dana Eastland had some fun writing up today’s starlets for you.

Marcia Gagliardi

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