This week's tablehopper: alternative snacks.


An array of antipasti at the special Capezzana dinner at Boulevard, all ready to have olio nuovo drizzled on them. Photo: ©

So how y’all doing out there? We have just gone through a doozy of a weekend—mine started at the Bridge Together demonstration on Friday morning, holding hands with a bunch of amazing folks and forming a chain across the Golden Gate Bridge. And then Saturday’s Women’s March was one of the most flat-out uplifting experiences, full of love, peace, and some rather brilliant protest signs. Way to come together, everyone. Felt so supportive. But we have work to do. And things to remember.

It was kind of a nutty weekend with some rather high-profile food events happening at the same time as the Cheeto’s inauguration, like the Good Food Awards (check out the winners here), and the Fancy Food Show kicked off on Sunday (I was so beat from marching in the cold and rain on Saturday, I couldn’t get myself out of my pajamas on Sunday to head to the show, my only chance to go).

Fortunately I got to hang out with some Italian food importers and purveyors around the dinner table, which is always a preferred place to meet. I have been eating a lot of pasta the past week, that is for damn sure. Embracing the carbs, for many reasons.

I’m heading to Lake Tahoe this weekend with my girlfriends, looking forward to being Powder Puff Girls in the snow. Hot toddies. And probably some pasta.

Take care of yourselves.
Marcia Gagliardi

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