This week's tablehopper: back to our summer romance with Karl the Fog.


My kind of shortcake: Susie McCulloch’s strawberry sablé (shortbread biscuits with Dirty Girl Farm strawberries and whipped cream) at The Growler’s Arms. Photo: ©

Buon giorno! I promise, today’s tablehopper issue isn’t as much of a beast as last week’s, so let’s all just inhale, exhale, right now. Ahhhh. Not only is today’s a shorty, I’m taking Friday off to attend to a pile of stories I need to write this week. Oh, deadlines.

But in case you’d like a little extra reading material, why don’t you take a look at my latest piece for Bacchus magazine on Devil’s Gulch Ranch? You can learn all about Mark Pasternak, his rabbits, and more.

Want more? Do you read Italian? Here’s a story I was quoted in for Corriere della Sera on our local tipping changes. My dad was happy with that one. Me too.

There is also an event recap and interview with me on the EatWith blog about the Aperitivo a Rimini event I hosted last week, my background, and more. I also need to share with you this absolutely dangerous piece of information: did you know that you can order from The Italian Homemade Company on Caviar? I know, their sick piadine, tortellini pasticciato, and lasagna can come straight to your door. Yeah, we are all so f*cked. Use my code for $15 off your first order. Buon appetito!

Have a great week, and maybe I’ll see you at Lamb Jam on Sunday? I’ll be sequestered away since I’m judging, but maybe after, yes?

Ciao chow.

Marcia Gagliardi

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