This week's tablehopper: backlash.


A dish from a Californios dinner at Naked Kitchen: Yerba Buena Fruit Cup Under the C. Photo: ©

So anyone who follows food media has been watching the ripples, nay, waves of rage that followed the release of Time magazine’s “Gods of Food” issue last week. Yes, it was a complete sausage fest, and this is what happens when an inane magazine that doesn’t know enough about the food world spouts off some pretty idiotic decrees about it. You really have to read Time editor Howard Chua-Eoan’s travesty of an interview when questioned by Eater about the reasons for the gross omission of women in numerous areas in the Gods of Food section. Mansplaining at its finest—and worst.

In case you haven’t been following the fallout, there are some really excellent pieces being written that I hope you make some time to read—an important dialogue was lit up, that’s for damn sure. I’d start with this sharp piece on Eater by Amanda Cohen, and in case you need some reminders of the many Goddesses of Food who are kicking ass in this world, please look at this piece on Grub Street (the comments are a must-read). Over at The New York Times, as soon as my deadline is all finished, I’m going to be reading all the pieces in the Room for Debate that just went up about “Why Do Female Chefs Get Overlooked.”

How do we change things? Well, I was thrilled to see this in-depth piece by Sarah Henry for Edible East Bay about the rising tide of Oakland’s badass female chefs come out this past weekend. Now that was some good timing. And here’s a piece by Paula Forbes on Eater about “How Does the Food Media Solve Its Gender-Bias Problem.” There’s a lot of commentary and discussion and articles coming out right now, I look forward to reading more. It’s such important discourse. Bring it on!

Okay, so it’s also time to dive into some news, because we have some cool openings this week, and events, and other things to tell you about. Oh, and if you love white truffles, or are looking for some options on where to dine out for Thanksgiving, here’s my tablehopper hot list segment on KRON4 that aired on Saturday! Please check it out, and likes are always appreciated. Mwah.

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Marcia Gagliardi

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