This week's tablehopper: big as all hell and half of Texas.


Big state. Big beer.

Yeah, it’s soggy out, and my warm Austin days and nights are now just a memory. But what a week! I completely adored Austin. It was a bit hectic attending SXSW events and parties and panels (including my own!), catching up with friends, eating my way around town, seeing live music, and I also managed to attend a couple food movie premieres as well. One was the documentary A Matter of Taste (look for it later this year) about the ups and downs of Paul Liebrandt’s career (he’s now the executive chef of New York’s Corton). It was a fascinating look into his life over an eight-year time span. I also got to catch the documentary El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, which was about a year at the restaurant, the lab, and the remarkable creative process that goes into the creation of the dishes each year at elBulli. I was rapt watching it. Keep your eyes peeled for both of them.

I have so much catch-up work to do, but I thought I’d crank out my Austin jetsetter piece while the flavor of hot salsa and flour tortillas were still fresh in my mind. I am also busy uploading and captioning images for my Flickr photostream, but will have them posted later today if you want to take a look! And on Tuesday, I will have an updated list of restaurants, events, and more ways to help Japan, so stand by.

Keep dry out there (but with plenty of whiskey in your glass).

Marcia Gagliardi

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