This week's tablehopper: boss of me.


A bounty of fall sweet treats at Chez Panisse. Photo: ©

Well, happy Champagne Day to you! I am already plotting when to pop a split of Henriot that is waiting for me in the fridge. After this week of snafus, boy do I need it. All kinds of things went haywire. Good news: my Gaggia espresso machine has returned to the homestead. All praise the caffeine gods, I am back in the saddle. The bad news: I need to bring my Mac into the shop for a couple days so they can get her healthy again. Um, how am I supposed to get my work done? Am really not a fan of that solution. At all. Where is that Champagne? Let me drink some while I think about this….

But since I firmly believe in not working on my birthday (as boss of me, I am allowed to make these kinds of proclamations), I’m just gonna take it as a sign that next Tuesday November 1st is the perfect day to bring my computer into the shop. I’m officially taking the day off, happy birthday to me. Hey, you only turn 40 once.

In the meantime, I have been invited once again to co-host the radio show Edible Escapes with Anthony Licciardi on Sunday! Please tune in from 11am-1pm on KSFO 560AM. In honor of Halloween, I think we’re gonna be working on a sugar high that day.

Another thing for your radar: last night, I was invited to a launch party/dinner at Chez Panisse for Tamar Adler’s new book, An Everlasting Meal. Imagine M.F.K. Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf for our generation. I know, intriguing. I just wanted to let you know she’s doing a reading at Book Passage at the Ferry Building this evening at 6pm before heading back to NYC, come on down! Here are some pics from the lovely dinner last night.

So, today’s newsletter has a fabulous guest wino (Maria Hunt) in honor of Champagne Day (pop!), and a few other tidbits since I won’t be in your inbox with any news until next Friday. Oh, and since Halloween parties are already underway, here’s an updated listing of some Halloween-related activities for ya. Boo.

Happy Halloween everyone, see you next Friday!

Marcia Gagliardi

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