This week's tablehopper: brain teaser.


The foie gras “log” at Atelier Crenn with pickled morels, kumquat crisps, vanilla and almond praline.

[Welcome to my brain.]

Is it 5pm yet? Oh wait, boss of me says I can punch the clock whenever I damn well want to. Actually, I have way too much work to do, why the hell am I even looking at the clock? Maybe because I have a stack of magazines I’d like to be reading instead of watching pile up. Get back to work, Gagliardi. And Twitter doesn’t count. You need to get those Citizen’s Band pictures up on Deep Dishing. Mmmmm, that burger was really good. I want another. What are you talking about, you’re going to be getting a 4505 Meats burger on Saturday before you go to the whiskey class. Okay, two burgers in one week, that is more than enough. Shit, I had foie twice this week, too. Prospect’s is soooo good. Hello whiskey maple gelée. And then the one at Atelier Crenn last night was amazing. Damn. Thank God you worked out this morning. What were you thinking, wine pairings and a bottle of Bollinger? Wait, that wasn’t your fault. You know what happens when you dine out with Rob. Drink some water.

And… now it’s time for you to leave my brain before I think of something embarrassing.


Marcia Gagliardi

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