This week's tablehopper: brosé all day.


Chef Sophina Uong’s best in show dish at Lamb Jam. Photo: ©

Actually, I’d just prefer some rosé all day, but brosé has been making me laugh for a few weeks, so let’s run with it. Hope your weekend was quality. Mine had some Amy bookends, starting with being completely gutted by Amy, the Amy Winehouse documentary (if you even remotely enjoyed her music, really, don’t miss it—and I wish every single paparazzo had to watch it so they can see how awful they are to people who are in distress) to catching Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck with a gal pal. I’m still mulling it over—there were some brilliantly uncomfortable comedic moments to shake up the usual rom-com format, but I could have done without the melodrama. But wow, Tilda Swinton!

One of my favorite things about seeing flicks at Sundance Kabuki is getting the spicy tan-tan noodles at Waraku, so that happened too. Post-movie cocktails at The Progress, like the Shiro Drink, also a good move.

Sunday I was a judge at Lamb Jam, where I was completely blown away by second-time-winning chef Sophina Uong’s spin on a Burmese rainbow salad, with spicy lamb shoulder, corn pudding, seeds, legumes, nuts, and more. Wonder if she’ll put this on the menu at Berkeley’s Revival Bar + Kitchen? Here’s hoping.

Thankfully one of my fellow judges had some Ziplocks in her purse (now that’s a true food writer) and I brought home the leftover lamb belly pastrami by Thirsty Bear Brewing Company, which made the most amazing BLT the next day, let me tell you. (Hey, Thirsty Bear, you listening?)

Okay, the sooner I get this column done, the sooner I can hunt down a glass of something cool and refreshing. Have a swell evening. Ciao!
Marcia Gagliardi

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