This week's tablehopper: bursting at the seams.


Banh cuon at Out the Door—it’s what you want for brunch. Photo: ©

Yo yo. How’s your Tuesday treating you so far? My week has already become a pressure cooker, so let’s dive in. All kinds of new projects are happening this week: I was lucky to get some preview pics and tastes at Del Popolo and West of Pecos, and I also had fun last week finally trying the infamous $3 Schmendricks bagel at a launch party. I know, I know, a $3 bagel. But sometimes something is so good you’ll pay more than you want for it—that malty, hand-rolled, and boiled bagel is one of those things. (Follow @Schmendricks on Twitter to find out where you can pick bagels up and kvetch over the price at the same time.)

This week on You Gotta Eat This on KGO Radio, I talk about one of my favorite bar bites: the vada pav at Dosa; listen in here.

Considering I am at my absolute heaviest right now (blergh), I found it a bit ironic to be featured in a Bay Area Bites article on How Professional Eaters Stay Balanced. Well, I’m trying to stay balanced—just not always succeeding. Anyway, thanks Stephanie Hua for including me!

In the immortal words of Porky Pig (ha ha), “That’s all folks!

Marcia Gagliardi

(Marcia rhymes with Garcia)

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