This week's tablehopper: casual friday.


Clam chowder with fennel at Citizen Cake.

Hey there, how is everyone doing in their Victorian ice boxes? Let’s just say the wine in my apartment is at a perfect cellar temperature, and I’m coming up with some really disturbing wardrobe choices at home in an attempt to keep warm, kind of a “babushka-meets-hobo” look. I look like I have a screw loose. Maybe a couple. No matter, it’s just my UPS guy who sees me during the day. He can keep it as our little secret. (Shame he’s not one of the hot UPS guys in shorts, because it would be fun to keep another little secret as well. No dice there.)

Since we’re on the topic of secrets, The Bold Italic just posted a mini-interview with me, wherein I mention one of my favorite sandwich shops, where, as my sister put it, “It’s Thanksgiving all year!” And in the completely non-secret category is today’s fresh meat writeup of Plow, which just reopened after a short winter break. You’re gonna want to head on over. Mmm, potatoes.

Have fun hunting down your favorite soups, spicy food, and other things to keep you toasty. Or, in case you’re sipping something strong, toasted.

Marcia Gagliardi

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