This week's tablehopper: chock-full.


Yours truly sharing a laugh with one of the teams at the CHEFS Cook-off at SummerTini. Photo: Marcie Franich Photography.

Howdy. That was quite the heat wave last weekend, right? Riiiiiiiight. Fortunately I ventured south, and who knew The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay had its very own pocket of sunny weather along the coast? I know, of course it does. I’ll be doing a recap soon, but I will say it’s hard to beat the gorg view at the restaurant Navio (I love a good sunset while enjoying the raw seafood platter) and especially during the over-the-top Sunday brunch. Going for a walk along the Coastal Trail after all that feasting was almost gratuitous—I couldn’t believe the view and the pristine sand on the beach. Oh, California, I am always so in love with you.

I also know I was savoring all that luxury and my oh-so-charmed life extra deeply, because Friday evening was SummerTini, the annual fundraiser for ECS and the CHEFS program. I was the emcee for the CHEFS Cook-off, and let me tell you, it’s an amazing thing to see the current class of students cooking, plating, and serving their special bites for the evening, especially knowing they were all homeless just three months prior. It’s very moving. I’d like to thank every single restaurant and bar who showed up to make the event so special—the caliber of the food and drink this year was really notable (and it was great for many of the students to experience those dishes!). Thanks to everyone who donated product, gift certificates, your time, attendance, and more to the event and auction items. So much generosity. Every dollar earned makes such a difference. Kudos to all who planned the event, it was lovely.

So I am beginning my countdown to my Brazil departure (on June 21st!), unbelievable. But I’m glad I won’t be missing Father’s Day this coming Sunday. Gotta salute the man who gave me such a mouthful of a last name, mamma mia.

I’ll see you on Friday. In the meantime, here’s a bunch of exciting news for you this week. Like, a bunch—you’ll need to loosen that belt buckle a notch. Oh, and if you are a regular reader of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, look for a new column from me (“Tablehopping”) in the paper tomorrow!

Marcia Gagliardi

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