This week's tablehopper: dispatch from the desert.


A Cavallo, from 2007.

I can’t believe I am having to write two tablehoppers in one day, but such is my “boss of me” life. By the time you get this, I will already be kickin’ it in my camp in Black Rock City, blissfully unaware of my exploding inbox, RSS feed, Twitter account, Facebook, and cell phone, and paying more attention to dust storms, heavy bass, art cars, where the hell is my sliced hot coppa in my cooler, and carrying on with my dear friends, once I find them out there.

I tried to get some tidbits together before my departure—but who knows if Una Pizza Napoletana will really be opening on September 8th, or if The Summit is going to open next week, or if Ragazza sets an opening date for this month? I plan to have answers to these questions and more when I return to your inbox on September 10th.

Oh, one answer I do have for you is which salsa was which in the Déjà Vu: The Salsa Edition quiz. Only four of you got it right: Salsa A was from Tacolicious, and Salsa B is from Papito. As for which salsa trio presentation was served to the dining public first, the answer is… Tacolicious.


Dustily yours,

Marcia Gagliardi

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