This week's tablehopper: do you know how to apericena?


Also part of my health regimen: the Nothing Sacred at Cold Drinks. Hey, it had honey and ginger beer in it. Photo: ©

Hey there gang. The past couple of hours have certainly been distracting, watching the horror unfold in Mexico City. As earthquake veterans, it’s all too scary and close to home. Our hearts are with you, CDMX!

I am just getting back up to speed after a week of being knocked on my tuchus with a nasty cold that I just couldn’t shake. I did quite the tour of pho and ramen and caldo tlalpeño and turmeric on my toast and in cashew ice cream all damn week, and I think it’s finally left town. Ciao!

Good thing, because this Saturday is the tablehopper Indian brunch at Rooh! There are just four tickets left, which I kind of can’t believe because this elegant meal is a total steal! I’m talking a generous five-course tasting menu, four gorgeous brunch cocktails featuring No. 3 London Dry Gin, tax and tip included for just $68! Whatcha waiting for? And I’m also excited that my cute parents and sister are coming, so you get to meet the rest of the Gagliardi clan! Hop to it!

I’m also thrilled to announce I’m going to be hosting my first East Bay event—I know, about time—to celebrate the opening of the new Donato & Co. coming to Elmwood! The party is on Friday October 6th and is going to feature a ridiculous spread of cocktails and wine and antipasti and pasta and a roasted pig, so get your ticket now! We’re going to introduce you to the magic of apericena, which is no relation to the Macarena, but you’ll need to read today’s post to learn all about it. I look forward to hanging out with a bunch of you as we welcome chefs Donato Scotti and Gianluca Guglielmi to the neighborhood, and they can’t wait to feed you!

I have a ton of news and updates and even more events for you in today’s column, so let’s dive in. And I hope to see you soon. Take good care.

Marcia Gagliardi

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