This week's tablehopper: dry lightning


Hot chicken by chef Carlo Espinas (Comstock Saloon) at the Night Market. Photo: ©

What the hell is going on in the cosmos right now? Not to be all hippie-dippie, but between the heavy full moon and last night’s freaky-deaky dry lightning show, I am ready for unicorn sightings next (no comment on that other thing that can take our city by surprise).

So I am watching my sister and friends prepare to go to Burning Man (good luck with all the prep, sweeties!), and of course am having some twinges of FOMO and sadness about missing the playa this year (and Marco Cochrane’s gorgeous 55-foot piece this year, Truth & Beauty). Le sigh.

But instead, I am opting to recharge with a long-overdue visit to Seattle and Lummi Island! I’m leaving this Thursday, and will be hanging out with Eva Soroken and Kylen McCarthy of Pioneer Square Pantry through the weekend—am very excited to have them show me their Northwest world. I will assuredly be documenting some delicious and gorgeous things on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter this weekend, follow along!

Could you believe the Street Food Festival on Saturday (and the Night Market the night before)? Again, just whoa on the turnout of tasty. Loved the global mix of flava, the creativity, and the nice price for it all. (Can The Whole Beast please open a lamb shawarma shop? That would be fab.) Thanks to everyone who contributed their talents—so much work went into all that food, drink, and organization (La Cocina, you are amazing). And grazie to everyone who stopped by the tablehopper table on Saturday, was great to say hi and hang out. Here’s a link to the tablehopper T-shirts in case you didn’t get a chance to come by (or back!).

I’ll see you next Tuesday—enjoy the sun (and big-ass moon!).
Marcia Gagliardi

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