This week's tablehopper: fan-foie-kingtastic.


Pork kimchi nabeyaki udon at Udon Mugizo. Photo: ©

Excuse me while I put down this lobe of foie gras, my new Chapstick. Ha! But yeah, with the almost-miraculous invalidation of the foie gras ban in California that seemed to come out of left field, we’re going to be seeing a lot of it on menus in coming weeks—just as soon as the chefs who weren’t serving it as a gift the past few years can get some flown out. Foie tsunami, coming in hot.

This weekend is all about big food wave surfing, in the form of the Good Food Awards winners marketplace at the Ferry Building on Saturday, and the Winter Fancy Food Show that runs Sunday through Tuesday (which means it will be tough to get into any hot spots this weekend with so many food folks in town).

Just in case you want even more in your food bag (remember, we’re not out of The Jabba Zone just yet), here’s my roundup of five new places to eat at now on, and I also contributed six dishes to this Eat This Now: 12 must-try dishes in SF right now” piece on Blackboard Eats.

Today Heather Irwin has some 707 news for you, and I miraculously carved out some time to write a review for you too. #yay

Happy Friday.
Marcia Gagliardi

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