This week's tablehopper: flipping on the afterburners.


Tuna tartare with slow-cooked Jidori egg in dashi broth with sea urchin, buckwheat, and okra at Ame. Photo: ©

Hello there! Um, wow, who put this carnival ride into fifth gear? I can’t believe how much writing I’ve been doing the past three weeks. Total finger cramps over here. My brain is cramping, too. My calls to Calgon remain unanswered.

Was sorry to miss the Fancy Food Show and Good Food Awards (check out the 2012 winners here). Fortunately I was able to escape the keyboard for a little bit and jump into a recording studio last week. I’m happy to announce today was the launch of my first and brand-new weekly feature for KGO 810, called “You Gotta Eat This.” Every Tuesday, I will be focusing on wallet-friendly bites that are big on flavor, from wonton soups to killer sandwiches to Monday-night specials at nicer restaurants to dim sum. This week I highlight bar bites at three upscale restaurants around town: Jardinière, Parallel 37, and Twenty Five Lusk. Have a listen here—and since it’s only a minute and 30 seconds, it’s a quickie.

I was also happy to have my first article published in Condé Nast Traveler this month. Here’s the online version of the article, which focuses on the latest hotspots for cocktails on Valencia.

Okay, I need to keep slogging away on these guidebooks. Every minute counts these days. I’ll pop back up when I can! I’d like to believe the fugu-fin sake I had at Ame this weekend gave me superhuman strength! It certainly gave me a blast of umami. And the dish pictured? One of the best things I’ve eaten all month, wow.

Ciao ciao!

Marcia Gagliardi

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