This week's tablehopper: from point A to Z.


Whoa, this coming week is gonna be nuts, with the Lunar New Year and Mardi Gras all hitting at once. There will be parties, there will be great food!

Which was kind of like my past week: I spent some time hitting up two newer cafés I was curious about (Front in Potrero Hill and Firehouse 8 on Russian Hill—both have been written about on tablehopper); two bake sales and brunches (20th Century Cafe with its insane knishes at State Bird and Marla Bakery’s spiced meat pie at Firehouse 8, both on Sundays); a couple test dinners (Hi Lo and Club Deluxe—read all about ‘em today in tablehopper); did a lap or two on the Italian circuit (a superb meal—as always—at SPQR, and at dopo in Piedmont); and tablehopped to two parties on Friday night (the opening of Beneath the Sheaths at 18 Reasons, and a swell cocktail party at Piper/Keller). You can witness some pics of the carnage on my Instagram feed!

Superbowl Sunday was spent watching Silver Linings Playbook in an almost-empty theater (it was good but I expected a lot more), and the night before I managed to catch this utterly hilarious show, a redux of Three’s Company episodes (followed by a full-tilt feast at State Bird Provisions—the smoked sturgeon and pancake dish is unreal). Oh yeah, and you can see that wicked Turkish brunch spread I had at Pera on Saturday, gorgeous—I felt like a pasha.

Holy crap. I made some mileage this past week. This week is no different, with a Bulleit tasting with Tom Bulleit, Tre Bicchieri, and other shenanigans on tap for this week. Speaking of, it’s also Beer Week! Hic.

Hold onto your hats.
Marcia Gagliardi

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