This week's tablehopper: from the playa to paris.


Bissap from Chiefo’s Kitchen (at the SF Street Food Festival).

And now it’s the time of the year when I throw some gas on the fire, literally. I’m furiously getting ready to head off to the playa this Sunday for a week, and things are gettin’ crazy here at the homestead. Burning Man has quite literally exploded all over my apartment (and I know I’m far from alone in this current condition).

I’ll have a newsletter all queued up to go out next Tuesday the 31st, but since I’m not returning to urban life until Monday September 6th, you probably won’t hear from me again until that Friday the 10th. I will be completely, totally, and joyfully unavailable on email and my cell until I return on the 6th, so please take it easy on my email inbox, thanks.

And then, here’s where it gets ridiculous, because I am flying to France for a week on Saturday September 11th to tour Champagne during harvest. I know, go ahead, I would hate me, too. But for this bubbly-loving lady, this trip is a dream come true. I’ll also be staying over for a few days in Paris at the end of the trip, can’t wait. I haven’t been to Paris since I was 20 (mon dieu), so there’s a lot I have to catch up on. I have a long list going already, but I’d love any recommendations and super-duper finds from those of you who have been to Paris recently! This trip is definitely on the affordable end of things (Burning Man and tax quarterlies do not make for a plush travel budget), so please, no three-star restaurant recos, because it ain’t gonna happen. My accommodations in Paris also got a little tenuous, so if any of you folks happen to have (or know of) a pied-à-terre I could stay at, the hotline is open and operators are standing by.

I’ll be too busy running last-minute errands this weekend, but I imagine many of you will make it across the bay to the Eat Real Fest, which looks like a winner (there’s also this Hodo Soy and Recchiuti event and the Waterbar OysterFest this Saturday!).

Oh, and you have one more day to bid on my La Cocina silent auction item, which is a night on the town tablehoppin’ at some of the city’s best (and newest) tables with me! Thanks to everyone who has placed bids, and the generous restaurants donating the dishes—means a bunch.

Enjoy this gorg weather—summer finally arrived with a bang.

Marcia Gagliardi

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