This week's tablehopper: get my goat.


Goat and al pastor tacos from El Norteño. Photo: ©

Sun, is that you? I hardly recognize you. It’s about time you showed up—you have been missed. Welcome back. I thought I was going to have to wait until driving to Burning Man next Tuesday to even see you at, oh, say Vallejo. What I do know is that Burning Man has exploded all over the inside of my apartment—it looks like a drag queen, a furrier, a cowgirl, a ’70s diva, and a kaftan-wearing bohemian emptied their closets onto my floor and ran away. It’s a pileup.

Today we have an update on all the excitement happening at Michael Mina, along with an action-packed 707 Scout update from Heather Irwin, in case you feel inspired to embark on a weekend getaway into some warmth. Another option: you can head to Mezzaluna in Princeton-by-the-Sea/Half Moon Bay for an Italian feast (it’s a Gagliardi family favorite)—you can hear all about what to order in this week’s episode of You Gotta Eat This on KGO Radio.

I also want to point you to my post this week on, with my monthly roundup of five new restaurants to check out in case you need a reminder of what’s new! So. Many. Openings.

Okay folks, enjoy the weekend, and I need to get back to preparing for this monster trip! It’s always such a doozy. Thank GOD I got out of jury duty—I was sweating bullets on that one. At least I got to tuck into some El Norteño goat and al pastor tacos across the street from the Hall of Justice, pictured here! All hail the chivo.


Marcia Gagliardi

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