This week's tablehopper: get your pride on.


A16’s sardine crostini with minted peas.

Pride is always one of my favorite times of the year in San Francisco: Market Street becomes a boulevard of billowing and bright rainbow flags, dear friends fly into town from all over, an amazing group of volunteers climb Twin Peaks in order to create a gigantic pink triangle, and San Francisco just skyrockets with megawatt gay energy and smiling people. I remember last year I was toiling away at home on my manuscript, missing the annual Pink Saturday party with all my friends in Dolores Park. But this year, hell no! I am off the chain the entire weekend. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful celebration.

Last Saturday was no slouch, however. Thanks to everyone who came to the tablehopper Indian Street Food Event at Dosa—we had a sold-out room! And the Dosa kitchen staff made sure we totally feasted (quite!), and the Robert Oatley wine pairings were delicious. Here is a link to my photo album of the event, and here’s another set from a tablehopper reader who attended. I also thought I’d include a link to this fun video about the street food of Mumbai. It features many of the places I went to in January—I was missing the food so much I had to have it again, hence this event. Thank you for being game, Dosa!

Last week’s culinary highlights also included Thursday’s StarChefs Rising Stars Revue Gala; my favorite dish was Scott Nishiyama of Chez TJ’s (dear lord, hold me) Moulard duck foie gras “neige,” with blackberry gelee, cashew purée, sliced baby radish, and housemade mustard toast. The “neige” (snow) was a fluffy cloud of frozen and then grated foie gras. In-sane. (No surprise that it won the People’s Choice award at the event.) I also couldn’t resist eating two of Liza Shaw of A16’s sardine crostini with minted peas and topped with pickled onions. Heck, the entire event featured so many impressive dishes, kudos to all.

After the event, I swung by the Comstock Saloon for a couple oh-so-excellent cocktails (am loving the name, Gill Sans, for a cocktail), and then hit the after-party at Orson, which included Elizabeth Falkner’s deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwich bites. Pure evil. Suffice to say, the next day was all about vegetables, and lots and lots of water.

Cheers! Have a swell week!
Marcia Gagliardi

P.S. A few of you seem to have forgotten, so here’s a little reminder: Marcia (rhymes with Garcia). Heh.

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