This week's tablehopper: good citizen.


Spring is here! Asparagus and pancetta pizza at Gialina.

Criminy, the animals are lining up, and my Alfa has become the Ark. This deluge is such a joke. It’s like God doesn’t want me to exercise outside. It’s so not cool. At least it’s good writing weather, movie weather (doing that tonight), read a book weather, do your %$#! taxes weather, drink whiskey weather, make soup weather, heck, make babies weather. Take your pick. Hopefully today’s sugar mama giveaway should be a little silver lining to all these grey clouds.

Thanks to everyone who posted on Deep Dishing about your favorite dishes last week. Good stuff, Maynard. And here’s a new topic in the Deep Dishing Tip Please! forum so you can share what and where you’ve been eating and loving this week. Mine? I had an unexpected solo night on Tuesday, and enjoyed tucking into a burger at the new Bistro SF Grill on California. A half-pound patty of grass-fed American Kobe beef, with cheese, and a big side of curly fries for less than $10? Okay, sure!

This week’s fresh meat is the new location of Citizen Cake on Fillmore Street. Have you eaten there yet? Yeah? Please share your favorite dishes on Citizen Cake’s Deep Dishing page—I already got it started for ya. Lemme tell you, this weather is built for the beef stroganoff they’re serving over there.

Grab your fork!

Marcia Gagliardi

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