This week's tablehopper: gypsy hotline.


Nombe’s Japanese summer salad with stunning vegetables and tofu noodles. Photo: ©

Greetings from Lake Tahoe, where I am sad to prepare for departure tomorrow. Early September is pretty ideal up here, with minimal people at the beach, and it’s still sunny and warm. (I am also convinced the lake warms up a few degrees by now.) So you can bet as soon as I hit “send” on this thing, I am pedaling to my favorite little beach for one last dip.

As you may know, Thursday is the tablehopper gay male singles event at MKT Restaurant—Bar at the Four Seasons. We just confirmed Boisset is going to be providing some bubbles to pair with the smashing uni and scrambled egg course, yay. In case you’ve been on the fence about going, you will be well fed, overserved (heh), and hopefully well matched too, so get your ticket and come check it out. The event is designed to be fun and far from awkward! See you!

So someone may need to call the gypsy hotline about me, because, er, I am leaving town again in two weeks. To Italy, to be exact. Mamma mia! I know, someone handcuff me to my desk. Ends up my father is going for a last-minute trip to see his family in Calabria, and to visit the farm where he was born. We haven’t been in Calabria together since our trip in 2001, and this was not an experience I felt right about missing. No siree. I was lucky to find a pretty decently priced ticket, and was happy to cash in a hefty ticket voucher I had that was expiring soon. Boom. Crazy how things work out.

We’ll have 24 hours in Rome together, and will then be heading down to Calabria, with a possible visit to dreamy Lipari (part of the Aeolian Islands) off Sicily—I was there when I was 19, but my father has never been and has always wanted to go. (Am happy to oblige on that request!) At the end of our trip, he’s going to head north to visit his winemaker buddy Lucio Gomiero in Padova while I am going to veer to Chianti to stay at the stunning Il Paluffo for a few nights (that was not an invitation I wanted to decline). Two weeks in paradise, I can’t wait to return to the Bel Paese, and with my father, so special. I know, I am one lucky bitch!

One more thing: I hope you enjoy today’s fresh meat review of 1601 Bar & Kitchen—last Friday’s image snafu got sorted, so here it is.

Okay, it’s time to pack up my beach rucksack and hop on my bike because I have spent way too much time at this computer the past few days. The gypsy must ride! I’ll see you again on Friday, ciao!

Marcia Gagliardi

(aka “la zingara”)

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