This week's tablehopper: half-mast.


The “spring pot” course at Campton Place. Photo: ©

Man, here we are as a country, going through another really awful, violent, tragic happening. Oh, Boston. Those poor families, the runners, and spectators—so many people touched by this senseless tragedy. All of us are. There is a massive amount of emotion to sort through while we are left here hanging in the balance, wondering about the who, the why, the how. And our sense of safety keeps being compromised—which makes us need to commit even more strongly to taking good care of each other. To look after one another. To be kind, and good, and loving, and be our best selves. There were some amazing examples of bravery yesterday—we can all learn from those bright souls.

I don’t really know how to segue into my weekly missive since we all have such heavy thoughts, so bear with me. Maybe my column will be a nice distraction for a moment.

I will say, Sunday was really a cool day for the local food and wine and restaurant community at Cochon 555. It was a great event, with a wonderful turnout of chefs, and winemakers, and farmers, and brewers, and bartenders, and everyone who loves them. Since it was on a Sunday, it was nice to see so many hardworking chefs out and having a good time. Congrats to chef Adam Sobel of RN74 who won the “Prince of Porc” title—he’s the new chef at RN74, and that’s one hell of a way to get noticed. (You can check out his winning plate here—here’s hoping his ahhh-mazing pork fat mapo tofu shows up on a menu soon.) Thanks to everyone who stopped by the tablehopper table and picked up a hopper t-shirt or two. You rock.

Today’s column is a hefty one, with more than two weeks’ worth of news in it. It was so big that I had to break it up into a second one to run on Friday, oof. I will actually be rocking out with my sister and one of my dearest friends at Coachella when that thing posts Friday afternoon. Oh, the wonders of technology. I know, I have barely been home a week and I’m already off for my next adventure (I’m taking this year’s vacation in one-week increments). Am looking forward to three days packed full of all kinds of music, dancing, sun, warm desert nights, and people having a damn good time. And beers in the pool. Yeah.

Since I’ll be driving back next Tuesday, there won’t be a tablehopper on Tuesday, for those of you who keep track of this thing. Thanks for bearing with me with my wonky publishing schedule this month. I am way off the chain.

Oh, and did you sign the petition to extend last call to 4am in SF? The deadline is today, please show your support and improve SF nightlife!

Take good care.


Marcia Gagliardi

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