This week's tablehopper: hamburgling.


The pastrami burger from Ahn’s.

Look at that burger. Isn’t it begging for a serious chomping? Thanks to a tip from an East Bay food-savvy friend, I can now say I have experienced the Ahn’s pastrami burger—an indulgent, messy, and completely unsustainable burger, which is why it only put me back $4.95 (plus $2.30 for fries). Go Oakland.

More cheap eats highlights: I went back to Off the Grid on Friday evening with a couple of friends, where we did a sisig taco tasting (we tried tacos from Adobo Hobo and Hapa SF—both were stupidly tasty, and with great texture), and plowed our way through some lumpia, hot dogs, a samosa, a huarache, and a quesadilla. Talk about a culinary mash-up. And yes, we left full, very full. Fortunately everything goes really well with beer. You can check out my mini Flickr album of the evening here.

I’m really fired up to announce I am co-hosting an after party for the SF Chefs opening event on August 13th called Happy Ending at E&O Trading Co. The event is highlighting Asian street food from local street food vendors and restaurants, with about eight stations in all (and of course some cocktails will be figuring prominently). Read all about it in the socialite—hope to see you there!

So, you coming to see me this Wednesday at the J Lounge at Jardinière? I’ll be guest bartending from 5:30pm-8pm, serving up a nice bourbon-y cocktail for you to enjoy, “The Enchantress.”

One other fun thing tomorrow: Bruce Hill’s Zero Zero is opening in SoMa, and you get the first peek at the menus here! I hope you had a filling lunch, because you’re liable to get a bit peckish reading about the pizzas (and more).

I am officially beginning my countdown—am leaving for Tahoe next week for a mini-break. Can’t wait to watch chipmunk TV and jump in that ice cold blue lake. Yeah, just one more week of this lame grey weather. At least it’s good eating weather, ha ha.

Marcia Gagliardi

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