This week's tablehopper: hellllllo Brooklynnnn!


Spicy miso-chicken ramen with Sapporo noodles, roasted pork belly, chile-infused ground pork, ajitama egg, and greens at Ganso. Photo: ©

Greetings from Brooklyn, gang! Fort Greene, to be exact. Loving the neighborhood where I am staying this month. It’s full of trees, brownstones, and a great mix of people, and there’s a store with a display of cream cheeses like an ice cream shop. I have been here a week, and have been exploring all over the city, from listening to Rebecca Solnit speak about her latest atlas, Nonstop Metropolis: New York City, in the Upper West Side, to tracking down some incredible ramen nearby. I’ll be here until October 30th; follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for my NYC dispatches.

Since I went dark last week (and it’s a good thing I didn’t plan on sending out a column since the Wi-Fi was knocked out on my Virgin America flight), this week’s missive covers a LOT of catch-up.

I’d also like to include a link to a story I wrote for Blackboard Eats about SF restaurants that give back through charitable programs and more. Always happy to see the big-hearted generosity of the restaurant community.

Have a great week, catch you later! Excuse me while I go chase some fall foliage.
Marcia Gagliardi

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