This week's tablehopper: high-minded.


Beautiful squash and blossom frittata with carrot top pistou by Pesha Perlsweig for our elevated brunch with Pot d’Huile. Photo: ©

Hey there! Hope you had a smashing, sunny weekend. Mine was definitely busy. I helped plan and cohost a 60-person brunch launch event on Sunday for Pot d’Huile, a new cannabis-infused olive oil. It was my first canna event, and a private one, but I hope to host more in the future, that was fun.

Our chef, Pesha Perlsweig (of theKitchenUnderground and Salvage Supperclub), made a carrot top pistou with the olive oil, which we got to drizzle over the tastiest frittata made with squash blossoms. Oh yeahhhh. Fortunately we had some Mr. Espresso nitro cold brew on tap (which I topped with terpene sugar) to keep us all perky, heh. Yes, it’s true, SF is so cool.

Speaking of events, the tablehopper rooftop whisky party with The Douglas Room on July 21st is all sold out, thanks gang! Can’t wait to see you there. Start hydrating now.

One last thing before we jump into the news: this post about horrific restaurant “plating” is too funny to not share, enjoy. It’s just one train wreck after another.


Marcia Gagliardi

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