This week's tablehopper: hop to it.


The foie gras torchon plate at Prospect.

The sun is shining, New Yorkers hate us right now, and it’s Friday. Le woot. I’m looking forward to tonight’s Around the World in 80 Sips event—I’m going to pretend it’s my happy hour. As for the rest of the weekend, my family is getting together for my dear grandma’s birthday tomorrow—it’s going to be a blast. Lots of bubbles for sure (she’s the reason my family drinks as much bubbly as we do). Sunday, however, is work work work. Deadlines, schmedeadlines.

This week’s dining has been all over the map: caught up with some friends at Summit on Tuesday night (such beautiful salads and desserts, but it’s like an adult night school in there, with a sea of Mac computers); Wednesday was a tour de force meal at Prospect (one of the best foie gras torchon plates I’ve ever had—can you say cocoa nibs?); and last night a friend and I went to San Dong House on Geary for hand-pulled noodles and dumplings (looking forward to eating my leftover drunken chicken for lunch, hic). Fortunately there has been a lot of boot camp and bike riding this week, oy.

As someone who is out about six nights a week, you can imagine: I meet a lot of people. And some of them are very, very kind. Today’s review is of a friendly little Turkish place up in Potrero Hill, Pera. Some Turkish pals have told me they love how authentic it is (reportedly the charming Yigit Pura of Taste Catering is a fan), and the restaurant recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. It’s a great deal, and offers a nice break from complicated food (sometimes I really crave some simpler Mediterranean flavors and presentations).

Here’s wishing you a sweet Valentine’s Day on Monday—and whether Cupid has put someone to love in your life, or not, hey, I love ya!


Marcia Gagliardi

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