This week's tablehopper: hopping from city to city.


Frrrrozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.

Oh, New York. I really don’t think I could have had more fun, had better weather, or eaten more. I could have used more sleep, however. And of course more time. I was all over town, so you can expect a full NYC recap (hopefully) in next week’s column. I have a ton of pics to upload, too. For now, here are three fave things that come to mind quickly: a bowl of boozy rum punch at the spiffy and brand-new Cienfuegos, the perfect meatball pizza at Jim Lahey’s Co., and my decadent bowl of tonkotsu ramen at Ippudo. Really, just the tip of the apple—the big apple.

But I had one heck of a fun event to return home for: the tablehopper Sandwich Social at Purcell Murray this past Saturday. We had quite the spread of deeelicious sandwiches from Kitchenette, Morty’s Deli, and Pal’s Takeaway, with each one demo-ing how to make their sandwiches (I totally learned some new Reuben technique). We also managed to plow through a case of Bagrationi sparkling wine (from Georgia—as in the former USSR), which paired especially well with the Dogpatch Millionaire (the fried chicken sandwich from Kitchenette). Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to the sandwich makers, who all worked an extra day for the event. Oh, and I had the audience shout out their favorite local sandwiches, check it out in the chatterbox.

I actually had to hop back on a plane on Monday and am now in Chicago through Wednesday for a quick work gig (alas, not much time to eat and play), and with Mother’s Day in the mix, let’s just say I barely had any time to write this column again. But I’ll be back in town for my book signing and reading at Mrs. Dalloway’s in Berkeley this Saturday, and the always-incredible Meals on Wheels event on Sunday. Yeah, it’s the night before I start my three-week cleanse, and I am going out with a (to-be-expected) bang. And as a cleanse warm-up exercise, I figured it was good timing to highlight a healthy restaurant in San Francisco, instead of my usual debauched style of dining—you can read my review of Greens in this week’s the regular.

Have a swell week,

Marcia Gagliardi

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