This week's tablehopper: I leave my heart in San Francisco.


At SF Amatrice with our guest of honor: the new Consulato Generale d’Italia, Lorenzo Ortona, and his wife, on day six of living in San Francisco (with their pooch, Brie!), with Montesacro/54 Mint’s Gianluca Legrottaglie and his wife, Viviana Devoto. Photo: Blair Haegerty.

And, um, wow. Sunday’s #SFAMATRICE fundraiser for earthquake relief at 54 Mint was my favorite event to host, ever. I am still reeling from all the warmth, kindness, beauty, magic, sentiment, and abundance! San Francisco knows how to help out, and volunteer, and give, that’s for damn sure.

There is no way that event could have reached its fantastic level without all the generous food and wine donations, the chefs and business owners serving their food on a precious Sunday, the fleet of incredible volunteers (who ROCKED!), the valued promotion from the press and local media, the 200-plus guests who bought tickets (!!), the donations, the kind sponsorship of Campari America, our wonderful designer, and most of all, the tremendous hospitality of Gianluca Legrottaglie to host the event at 54 Mint, plus the incredible 54 Mint and Montesacro family who helped pull it all off. Everyone worked so hard, and it was so appreciated by all. By coming together, we did amazing things! And even Mother Nature helped out, giving us the most perfect aperitivo weather imaginable. To be on 54 Mint’s patio at 6pm in that balmy heat was pure pleasure.

Take a look at the wonderful images by Blair Heagerty here (I’d like to note she also donated her time and talent for the event, thank you Blair!).

I’m so thrilled to announce we made $17K in ticket sales and donations, and $2,520 in the silent auction, plus other donations (even the Rye on the Road bar team donated their tips, can you believe those guys?). The total funds raised from the event came to $20,549 (and 60 Euros, ha-ha!). Boom! We beat our goal! Fantastico! One hundred percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Comune of Amatrice—Gianluca is in touch with the mayor about setting up the funds transfer soon.

54 Mint also raised $1,260 in their own amatriciana promotion, and it also looks like Melissa Perello of Octavia and Craig Stoll of Delfina/Locanda will be kindly adding the funds they made during their own amatriciana promotions to the overall donation, so I am guessing we’ll hit $25K when all is said and done. Maybe more, with additional donations. Amazing! We will announce the final amount and dedication soon! Grazie tutti, we did it!

If you weren’t able to attend and feel like chipping in some funds, we still have the donation page up at through October 8th! Thank you for any contribution you can make, because anything will help these displaced people rebuild their lives and their completely leveled communities, as they try to heal their hearts, with more than 300 killed. It’s a heartbreaking situation, and one that we understand well, with our terrifying history of earthquakes here. Grazie.

Another way you can help: this Saturday October 1st, the fabulous Viola Buitoni and Baia Pasta founder Dario Barbone are hosting an event at 18 Reasons, An Evening in Amatrice. Please read their heartfelt note about the event and buy a ticket! There are just six tickets left.

I know, you’re probably checking the calendar and are like, wait, Marcia, it’s Wednesday, why am I receiving the Tuesday newsletter today? To be honest, I was so exhausted on Monday after our event, and when the weather is as magic as it was, well, boss of me said, “Get your ass to the beach.” Which is exactly what I did. There were dolphins. It was amazing. So here we are today. Hi.

Many of you know I am heading back to New York for the month of October! I’m so excited. This is my current theme song, although Lenny also nails it. I leave Monday, so there won’t be a tablehopper column next week—but I made sure to pack this one full of extra goodies for you. I’ll be back in your inboxes on October 11th, and returning to SF on October 30th. Hold down the fort for me, okay?

One last quick note: this week I’m writing an article on SF restaurants that give back to the community or environment in some way, from events to after-school programs to running a zero-waste/green kitchen. I have quite a few on my list, but feel free to shoot over any suggestions to me!

Thanks to all of you for providing such a strong and kind community. I only could have pulled off this event here, in my beloved San Francisco.

Marcia Gagliardi

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