This week's tablehopper: I'm just illin', like Bob Dylan.


I’d much rather be drinking the utterly delicious Trouble in Paradise at Tosca. Photo: ©

Hola, amigos. Things are a little rough over here at hopper HQ, with both yours truly and Dana, my editorial assistant extraordinaire, both felled by one nasty-ass, mofo illness. I’m on day four and this thing is officially gross and really needs to go. At least I was healthy through the holidays, so I’m not going to complain too much, just a little.

On Saturday morning (juuuuust as I was beginning to feel like hell) I swung by the KRON4 studio for my tablehopper hot list segment—this one highlights some places I visited on my recent trip to Napa, check it out. January is a great time to visit Wine Country, and downtown Napa totally has some appealing options for you to eat, play, and stay.

We have a lot of catch-up news for you today since the tablehopper column went dark for a few weeks—so food news hounds, excuse any redundancy, but hopefully you’ll find some new stuff in here too.

In case you missed it on Friday, here’s a link to my annual rant, the bore, plus I also wrote a “year in review” piece for my Tablehopping column in the Bay Guardian, and here’s my monthly cheat sheet for, with five new restaurants to check out this month. Oh, and here’s a list that came my way: 100 of the best vegan dishes in San Francisco.

Okay, it’s time for me to lie down again and commune with my Robitussin.

See you Friday.
Marcia Gagliardi

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