This week's tablehopper: ingredient-driven.


The famed pomme d’amour from Knead Patisserie. Photo: ©

Yeah, that was a pretty gorgeous weekend, right? Shame I had to spend most of it indoors writing (sometimes I HATE the boss of me!), although I was lucky to be invited to dinner at friends’ homes both Saturday and Sunday evenings. Nope, there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal. Am hoping the nice weather holds up for Off the Cove at the ballpark tomorrow evening!

I’m already looking forward to heading up to Sonoma on Friday for a real weekend. The reason for my trip? Friday evening I’m co-hosting a salumi class (There Will Be Meat) with charcutier Peter Temkin at Ramekins. There are a few tickets left; care to join us? We’ll be tasting a bunch of locally made cured meats, drinking lambrusco, and talking mmmmeats! I’ve been watching the weather, and it’s looking like it’ll be a gorgeous evening.

Since Sunday is Father’s Day, I thought you’d like to see the updated list of Father’s Day dining options, plus a cool Japanese whisky tasting.

Yo, fellow self-employed types: don’t forget your tax quarterlies are due Friday. I know, it’s enough to drive one to drink. Fortunately there are options for you to help numb the pain in the lush, like punch bowls.

Later, alligator.

Marcia Gagliardi
(Marcia rhymes with Garcia; bonus round: the second “g” is silent in Gagliardi)

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