This week's tablehopper: it is so ordered.


SF City Hall was making me so damn happy all week. Photo: ©

Well, that was a Pride for the books—the BIG books. It’s always one of my favorite weekends in San Francisco, but this one was a blockbuster. There was a lot of Champagne, and dancing, and rainbows, and cheering, and weddings, and marching, and parties, and so many beautiful messages posted by my friends on Facebook from around the world. Although one of my favorite texts was Friday morning from a friend who was out dancing late with me at Horse Meat Disco the night before at Mighty: “I passed out—and woke up all equal n shit!” Indeed.

An extra-special shout-out to the Hard French crew, who hosted a marvelously fun and frisky Sunday Pride party at Mezzanine. Mega points for booking ESG, what a show! Also, big gold stars to Little Star Pizza for letting me order a takeout pizza 10 minutes before they were closing as I was leaving the club on Sunday night. (Nothing like having your Lyft drop you off so you can pick up your pizza on your way home. I love that move.)

Another move I love: going dark on tablehopper while I head up to Lake Tahoe for a break. YES. The next tablehopper issue won’t be until Tuesday July 14th. Soooooo, publicists and restaurant and bar owners, please don’t pitch me anything over the next two weeks unless it’s happening after the 14th, thanks. The less email I have to read the next two weeks, the better my headspace.

When I return, I hope to see many of you at this fun event I am hosting with EatWith at The Italian Homemade Company in North Beach on July 16th, complete with aperitivi from Campari America. And piadine! And pasta! Yeah, it’s going to be all kinds of delicious. Tickets are a killer deal and rather limited, so hop to it!

I hope you all have a fantastic Fourth of July. A lot of restaurants close for the weekend, so be sure to call or check Twitter before heading over somewhere. And even if you end up with our typical colored fog on the Fourth, hopefully Tiny Hamster will get you into a flag-waving and BBQ-munching kind of mood.

See you in a couple weeks!
Marcia Gagliardi

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