This week's tablehopper: jooked around.


May I rest my head upon these potato croquettes? These golden osetra–topped little wonders were made by Nancy Oakes for The Women of Food dinner at Petit Crenn last week. Photo: ©

Hi, peeps. (Did you have plenty of those this past Sunday?) So, I thought I had fully risen from my sick crypt after that nasty flu, but would you believe I got knocked down with some horrific food poisoning just a couple days after I finally left my apartment? WTF! My friend asked if someone put a hex on me. (Was it you? Ha-ha.) I went from a week of binge watching Babylon Berlin to falling back into bed for another three days and bingeing on Wild Wild Country with my curtains down while SF was enjoying that gorgeous heat wave. Shout-out to Coca-Cola and jook. And THC, it’s a miracle worker for nausea.

Fortunately, I was able to rally for Easter Sunday lasagna with the fam. It’s my favorite dish evah, and I was willing to put up with some stomach gurgles to have some real food (and the best food!) after two weeks of soup. Finally had my first espresso today, things are getting back on track. She has risen! Again. Hopefully for real this time.

I want to say thanks to all of you who participated in our two sponsored giveaways the past two weeks for tickets to SFFILM (San Francisco International Film Festival) and the special preview/salon dinner of the She Bends neon show at The Midway Gallery with Azalina’s this Thursday. I just wanted to urge you to take a look at both events since the ticket giveaways are over, but the events are so very cool and have room for you! I’m really looking forward to having some of Azalina’s rendang chicken while admiring the art of 32 neon artists this Thursday and seeing the film my friend produced this Friday, Hal. Join me? I’m taking extra hugs right now, thanks.

One last thing (a teaser!): I’m going to have some personal (and exciting!) news to share with you next week, thanks as always for reading and your support.

Marcia Gagliardi

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