This week's tablehopper: joyridin'.


Crab cocktail at Swan Oyster Depot.

Hey now, where did this bratty weather come from? I know, we all got used to that gorg sunny weather last week. But, it means it’s finally appropriate for me to run my review of a new-ish shabu-shabu/hot pot place since it’s the kind of food we all crave during this chillier and slightly rainy week (at least that’s what the forecast says). Check out my review of Prime Rib Shabu in fresh meat.

Last week was definitely in high gear, with a hoppin’ book signing party at Omnivore Books (many thanks to Celia, and to Andrew Mariani of Scribe Winery and Patrick Horn of The Pacific Brewing Laboratory for their generous pours of wine and beer), a fun conversation/event with Michael Chiarello at the Marin JCC, and hanging out with the ever-kind Gene Burns on Dining Around (thanks, Gene, for having me on!).

I have a preview of upcoming “tablehopper on tour” book events over the next two weeks in today’s issue, but you can always check out the master list of book events here. It has been so enjoyable to meet so many food lovin’ people at each event—thanks for all the support!

Last week, I grazed my way through the city, with dinners at Bar Crudo (always a fave—have you tried their fish tacos at happy hour?) and Gialina (Sharon Ardiana’s amatriciana pizza is so outstanding), lunch at Swan (an Anchor Steam, oysters, chowder, and crab cocktail—with a side of sass from the staff), Saturday brunch at the 4505 Meats stand at the Saturday farmers’ market (biggest banh mi I’ve ever had, loaded with chicken and mortadella), a late dinner at Marinitas in San Anselmo (I wanted to bring all the salsas home), a pre-show dinner (saw AIR at the Fox) at the new Hibiscus in Oakland (have you been yet? loved the salt fish and ackee, so unique), and a tour of way too many bars after Whiskies of the World on Saturday night (those of you who follow my Twitter feed know the extent of the liver damage I did). Yeah, looks like someone popped the clutch.

I feel like I’m channeling Speedy Gonzales. I hope the police don’t pull me over for reckless driving (this is a metaphor: ironically my car has been in the shop for a week). At least on Sunday I’ll be in one place: kicking it with my family for Easter, doing Easter Bunny/bwok bwok imitations with my sister. Buona Pasqua!

Marcia Gagliardi

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