This week's tablehopper: kinda soggy.


My bowl of chicken soup with kluski. And eggs. And vegetable juice pulp. And fennel fronds. Photo: ©

Happy first day of spring—yeah, and it’s raining and I’m on day four of a really stupid cold that decided to come in for a landing after my full-throttle seven days last week. I have been lucky all winter, so I guess my number was up. Fine. Chicken soup with kluski (thanks Bob for the noodles!) and buttermilk pancakes have been my feel-better friends. I was joking that I needed one of those whale/Shamu lifters to get out of bed this morning. As a friend noted, gravity is so much fkn worse when sick. Rude, gravity! Rude!

I was hoping to get some Easter/Passover options in today’s issue, but my body said bed was a better option. But you need reservations, so here’s last year’s post for some ideas since most places tend to repeat their holiday offerings. I will quickly add that 54 Mint has a great Easter menu, and 15 Romolo does an annual boozy Easter brunch.

In the East Bay, newbie Donato & Co. is doing a delicious and affordable Easter menu, and my buddy at Perle Wine Bar in Montclair is doing a bang-up Easter brunch menu. And there’s always OpenTable for Easter options. Buona Pasqua, tutti!

Oh, and Comal’s sixth annual Mexican-inspired Passover seders are April 2nd and 3rd. Rock cod “gefilte” fish cakes with chipotle aioli? Awesome.

Okay, it’s time to clock out here. I have a hot date with my Kleenex box. Until next week!
Marcia Gagliardi

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