This week's tablehopper: lake and load.


The pulled pork banh mi from Soup Junkie. Photo: ©

Hello, fabulous people. Well, after all that excitement last week launching my late-night dining app, I hit the road on Friday with my sis and headed up to our family cabin in Lake Tahoe. Yeah, what a difference a couple of days in the mountains can bring. Was so nice to hang out with the ‘rents, eat rotisserie chicken off our 50-year-old grill, catch up on my magazines (and some sleep), and, of course, go for some swims in the big blue. It was torture to leave the beach Sunday afternoon and head back into the mayhem. Lock and load. One look at today’s newsletter and you will see.

So since I’m back in the cit-tay, let’s talk about things like this hilarious Mixologist video (from the folks who did “It’s Getting Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot”). Just wait for the chicken foot.

More video action: today I’m talking about why I think people should contribute to Hapa’s Kickstarter campaign to open Hapa on Fillmore. Please check it out—there are only eight days to go. And take a look the “free ramen for a year” option! These are the moments when I wish I was crazy loaded with cash.

Meanwhile, over on, I have this month’s list of five newly opened places to check out. And on You Gotta Eat This on KGO Radio, I talk about new spot Craftsman & Wolves (last week’s episode featured Cassava Bakery + Café).

Quick housekeeping note: if you’re planning to attend Noisette on Saturday August 4th, please note the venue has changed to Public Works. Mmmkay?

Okay fine folks, let’s tuck in here. Ya ready?

Marcia Gagliardi

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