This week's tablehopper: lake it or leave it.


The many trees and vines on the gorg Jordan Winery estate. Photo: ©

Ahhh, how was your holiday weekend? I hopped out of the city on Friday, heading up to Healdsburg for an overnight stay at Jordan Winery (the grounds are too beautiful) and took their new Estate Tour & Tasting on Saturday morning (tickets are available for tours starting this week). I enjoyed revisiting their wines at a couple of stunning locations on the property—the 2011 chardonnay had great acidity. Let me tell you, garden envy is a real thing—eating fresh fruit right off the tree is such a treat.

Saturday afternoon I headed over to my friend’s place at Roshambo Farms (off Westside Road), where I was able to join the Oro en Paz Wine crew and friends for an alfresco harvest lunch—they had just finished picking that morning. Dinner was a home-cooked affair, full of wonderful and just-picked ingredients from the farm—ditto the hearty breakfast the next morning with fresh eggs and farm-raised (and smoked) bacon. I managed to get a couple of naps in over the weekend on the shaded lawn, and of course came home with a bagful of produce (the Oro en Paz guys also stoked me with some vino, thanks guys!).

I begrudgingly had to head home Sunday evening (and battle that Golden Gate Bridge traffic, ugh) because this column was not going to write itself, Monday holiday or not. Welcome home to all the dusty and tired Burners I saw on the road—it looks like it was another amazing year on the playa.

I’m pretty stoked to be checking out the new Bay Bridge span tomorrow—I am heading up to Lake Tahoe for my final summer hurrah at my family’s cabin in Tahoma. I’ll still be working over the next week, but hey, writing on the back deck with the squirrels and blue jays and pine trees isn’t too shabby. Looking forward to cooking on the grill and having a daily dip in the lake. A week of cooking, I can’t wait.

Hey, single gay men, did you see the next tablehopper singles event is coming up on Thursday September 12th at MKT Restaurant—Bar? We are going to have a night of fab wine, food, and men—check it out and get your ticket soon! Time to get all of you food- and wine-loving gents in a room together. Can’t wait.

Enjoy the short week! See you Friday.
Marcia Gagliardi

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