April 10, 2007

I am sure plenty of you out there are happy Easter finally got here so you could start eating sugar or bread or drinking again. (I wasn’t brought up to be a quitter, so I just stayed my course during that whole Lent thing.) What I was happy about was Easter means two things in our house: lasagne, and kid (the baby goat kind). Yes, Sunday night’s dinner was the ne plus ultra of delicious. Although my first Passover dinner (at Delfina last week) was also rather tasty.

I also enjoyed hearing about people in their 20s and 30s still partaking in Easter egg hunts (in public places, no less), and mothers making Easter baskets and hiding eggs. Some things never change. It’s enough to make me say, “Thank you Easter bunny, bwok bwok!

I am also re-firing up my bookworm section since I have tons of great books I’ve been trying to find the time to read. This week includes a couple, more to come...