April 15, 2008

So are y'all looking good with a little sun-kissed color? Weekends like the one we just had are moments when I seriously relish my convertible, and give thanks that we live so close to the coast—I actually hit the beach both days.

Another thing I give thanks for is the sometimes incredible edible mail I get. So much better than just bills and credit card applications, let me tell you. (I know, I know, now you really hate me.) But I do end up discovering some great products this way. One of them became a winning snack for me and my beach buddies this weekend: the new flavors of popchips (sea salt and vinegar and salt and pepper). I am not really into chips (my waistline is challenged enough) and I am definitely leery of low-cal products made with ingredients I don't recognize. Not to sound like an infomercial, but I had to share! These taste seriously good, are all natural, and are a shockingly low 4g of fat or so for an entire bag. Extra awesome with an ice-cold beer (sand not included).

A couple other delicious things I've recently discovered:
~I tried the Harvest Song preserves from Armenia at the Fancy Food Show a couple years ago (apricot is so good, ditto on walnut, and peach!), and have been hooked ever since (I pick 'em up at Rainbow). They just came out with a gorg plum preserves version, been delish on my morning toast! No preservatives, or pectin. Just fruity goodness.

~I was eating a bit too much of the Marin French Blue from Marin French Cheese Co./Rouge et Noir this weekend, a super creamy (try triple crème, hello) Brie and mild blue that was deliciously soft after I let it sit out for a bit. A blue that acts like a Brie, which is already the company's champion cheese. Wicked with some wine (I was tossing back some syrah).

~Oh, and I just have to say I recently enjoyed the best darned eggs ever, from Soul Food Farm in Pleasant Valley near Vacaville—I picked up a dozen from the Fatted Calf retail shop at the Oxbow Public Market in Napa, and yes they were $7, and yes, the yolks reminded me of the eggs I used to get in Italy. I cherished each and every fried and poached egg I made for those two weeks, worth every penny.

And hey, thanks to all of you who entered the Comedy for Kids contest—I know that was a hot ticket. Congrats to Ken A. who won the pair o' tickets! I'll be doing more giveaways soon!

Catch ya on the flip side,